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QA: Was Jesus a Socialist?

QUESTION: Did Jesus teach or practice Socialism? - February 23, 2020

ANSWER: False claims about Jesus' teaching have always been circulated by the Devil: (John 2:18-22Mark 15:29-30Luke 23:4-15Matthew 28:11-15). Jesus Christ was nowhere near being a Marxist Communist, for: 1. He never forced "rich" people to give up their wealth to "equalize" with the "poor." He lived under Moses' Law…

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NEW PAGE: What Is Sin?

I have put together a The Catalog of Sin, which can be used as Bible Class material or as a personal study into what actually are the behaviours and attitudes that God is against. This is available as a PDF version here: What Is Sin?. Alternately, This PDF and an "eBook" that can be read online from my NEW What Is Sin? page.

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