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As for Me and My House...

Here are some articles/ musings on the 2020 Covid scare & Quarantine, from an American Christian perspective.

QUESTION: Do you think our economy will ever recover? May 24, 2020    NEW

QUESTION: If the church exists in homes, why does anyone need to assemble? May 17, 2020    NEW

QUESTION: It’s so depressing to think Evil is winning. What can we do to keep from being discouraged? May 10, 2020    NEW

Question: Why are there different government responses to the Wuhan Virus? It’s confusing.  May 3, 2020  NEW

More Quarantine Rules    April 26, 2020

Quarantine Words      April 19, 2020

Remembering the Cross  April 5, 2020

House Rules    March 29, 2020

Guest Rules  March 22, 2020

What Authority?  March 21, 2020

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