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Putting God in Our Knowledge

— SEPTEMBER 3, 2012

 On July 8 through 13 of 2012 the Maple Hill church of Christ had a wonderful series of Bible studies featuring John T. Polk II, as the speaker. This meeting was well attended. The lessons were helpful to all who were able to attend, and we thoroughly enjoyed each one. The studies were recorded and a large number of CDs of the series have already been distributed. In a desire to spread further these outstanding studies, we place them here for your enjoyment and edification. The Monday through Friday studies centered in Romans 1 as Johnny exposed the text to us and challenged us with the application of great truths from the pen of the inspired Apostle Paul. The applications were timely and I hope you will take the opportunity to listen to each study. Below are these eight studies from the Scriptures.


Polk - Donahue Debate, 2010

The Polk - Donahue Debate took place on January 21, 2010 in Meridian, Mississippi. It involved Patrick T Donahue on the topic of The Bible’s Authority on Social Meals.

Audio: Polk - Donahue Debate on Church Social Meals