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Publications from Dr. Sellers Crain

Dr. Sellers Crain, Jr., D.Min., has taught in Tennessee public schools, Mid-South School of Biblical Studies, and served as director for the School of World Evangelism. He has made 23 mission trips to 11 counties including Ukraine, Greece, Peru and Panama. He has authored more than 1500 articles, 37 curriculum books, and wrote the Gospel Advocate Companion annual adult lesson commentary for 5 years.

His two-volume commentary on the Book of Matthew in the Truth for Today Series is the best, most complete, and understandable Matthew commentary I have ever seen (jtpII).

Some of his unpublished work appears here:

Being Prepared - Luke 19:11-26

Absence Makes the Heart Grow

The Day Jesus Christ Died

"He laid down his life for us." - 1 John 3:16

COME, believer and contemplate this sublime truth, thus proclaimed to thee in simple monosyllables: "He laid down his life for us." There is not one long word in the sentence; it is all as simple as it can be; and it is simple because it is sublime. Sublimity in thought always needs simplicity in words to express itself. Little thoughts require great words to explain them; little preachers need Latin words to convey their feeble ideas, but great thoughts and great expressers of those thoughts are content with little words.  - C. H. SPURGEON, Sermon 2656- The Death of Christ for His People