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QA: Are We Saved Like the Thief on the Cross

QUESTION: Are we saved like the thief on the cross?  - 3/1/2020

ANSWER: Read Galatians 6:14-15. The Holy Spirit-inspired Apostle Paul wrote this summary of why the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is a most important, pivotal moment in human history.

1. No person has any reason to “boast” (brag), for nothing we do has earned our salvation. (Acts 4:12; 1 Corinthians 3:21) ... Read More of thi…

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QA: Is a Politician's Church Attendance Newsworthy?

QUESTION: Is a politician's church attendance newsworthy? - March 28, 2021    

ANSWER: It should not be so! On December 8, 2020, The Washington Post ... article, "Joe Biden Goes to Church. Politics Remains Outside," written by Robin Givhan, said, "Church attendance isn't a measure of one's faith or a substitution for good deeds, but it is a way of singling religiosity." 1. ... Who separated…

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QA: What Does the Bible Say About "Easter Holy Week"?

QUESTION: What does the Bible say about "Easter Holy Week"?

ANSWER: Christians celebrated NO 'holy week' in the New Testament. Christians do NOT re-enact the last week of Jesus' life before the cross.

1. Jesus prophesied the events of His last week (Matthew 20:17-19). The Apostles and Christians "daily in the temple... did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus the Christ" (Acts 5:42), and w…

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QA: Why Is Our Government Called "Godless"?

QUESTION: Why is our government called "godless"? - 3/7/2021

ANSWER: Maybe this incident will illustrate: In a Congressional debate on gender, Representative Greg Steube stated, "... We are seeing the consequences of rejecting God here in our country today." Democrat Representative Gerald Nadler replied, "What any religious tradition describes as 'God's will' is no concern of this Congress."…

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QA: Is it wrong to be afraid? - 3/14/2021

QUESTION: Is it wrong to be afraid? - 3/14/2021  

ANSWER: The wisdom of Proverbs cannot be surpassed: Proverbs 10:24-25; Proverbs 28:1; Proverbs 29:25. Wicked people have more reason to live in fear because they do not honor God's wisdom in their lives; they naturally assume others also live as they do. Therefore they cannot assume anyone else lives honourably. A guilty conscience makes one…

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QA: Is There Life On Other Planets?

QUESTION: Is There Life On Other Planets? - March 18, 2021    

ANSWER: Only in the godless minds of Evolutionists.

1. God "formed the earth and made it ... to be inhabited" (Isaiah 45:18). Our world, and ourselves, are solid, dramatic proof that God created it this way! (Romans 1:20) There is no proof, evidence, or reason to believe that life as we know it exists elsewhere. 2. ... Read Mo…

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QA: What Makes the church of Christ Better Than Other Churches?

QUESTION: What makes you think the church of Christ is better than any other church? - February, 2019

Answer: The church of Christ is made up only of people who have accepted, and been saved by, what Jesus taught, not what humans have said about it! 1) The church of Christ was begun on the first Pentecost after Jesus' resurrection, described in Acts 2. The 12 Apostles were baptised in the…

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QA: Why Come to Jesus?

QUESTION: Why Come to Jesus? - September 6, 2020

ANSWER: Because there never has been, or will be, anyone like Him. (John 7:31, 45-46; Acts 4:10-12). ...

1. Jesus was Sinless (Mark 1:9-11). ...

2. Jesus was Powerful (Mark 2:5, 10-12). ...

3. Jesus Alone Can Save (Galatians 6:14) ... Read more of this and other QA in Questions Answered.

Please use the tags below as an Index for my en…

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QA: How Long Were the Days of Creation?

QUESTION: How long were the days of Creation?  - May, 2020   

Answer: That there was a "beginning" of the Creation, none seems to dispute. In human experience, we know that everything in our world must have had a beginning. And in Scripture, this is completely true (Revelation 1:8). Only God pre-dates Creation (Hebrews 1:10-12, quoting from Psalm 102:25-27). Jesus Christ believed in the …

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QA: How is "Our" God Different From Other World Religions?

QUESTION: When world religions are compared, how is "our God" different from any other "god"? - September, 2018

ANSWER: In "comparative religion" classes, all religions acknowledge a "god" or Supreme Being. They will NOT make a true comparison because there is no attempt to examine each religion's "sacred" books in detail. ... (1 Corinthians 8:4-6) The Bible proves that:

1. The God of the…

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QA: How Do We Know We Can Trust Scripture?

QUESTION: How do we know we can trust the Scriptures? - May, 2019

Answer: The Scrlptures, themselves, prove their truthfulness and reliability when predictions made hundreds of years before, happen as accurately as they were originally written! And, this also shows how precisely the prophecy was worded, how exactly it had been copied and preserved, and how detailed were the events described! …

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QA: Does God Even Exist?

QUESTION: Does God even exist? - August 19, 2018

ANSWER: The Bible IS a "Christian Evidence" textbook. (Hebrews 11:1) Faith is based upon "evidence" and it is a solid conviction of "things not seen." ... The Bible makes statements that point to external data, for example 1. Every effect must have an adequate cause. ... (Hebrews 3:4Genesis 1:1). ... Read More of this and other QAs on Ques…

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QA: Do We Need Jesus Today?

QUESTION: Do we need Jesus today? - October, 2020

ANSWER: Absolutely! In a hero saturated society, most of whom are make-believe, Jesus has been lost in the shuffle. Super heroes are a human attempt to elevate someone who is worthy of adulation above others. Consider the Real Jesus: 1. Jesus is Only Begotten. (1 John 4:9; John 15:13; Galatians 3:26; 1 John 3:5; John 8:24) ... Read more of this …

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QA: Should Christians protest in the street?

QUESTION: Should Christians protest in the street? - 2018 

ANSWER: Note four points from the incident in Acts 17:1-9

1. Opposition to the success of Bible teaching is always motivated by jealousy (1 Thessalonians 2:3-10). ... 

2. Evil men from the marketplace literally describes people who have nothing else to do but hang around amid the public. They have no scruples, purposes, or re…

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QA: What To Do In a Change in Government?

QUESTION: What should a Christian do when there is a change in Government?

ANSWER: God's Word helps us make a proper judgment. 1. Watch what they do (Matthew 7:16-20); 2. Only the wicked use violence to gain power (Psalm 11:5; Proverbs 21:7; Psalm 27:12-13; Psalm 55:9); 3. Judge their Judgment (Proverbs 17:13; Proverbs 17:15; Proverbs 24:24-25); 4. Always remember ... Read more of this and othe…

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QA: Where Is the Date for Jesus' Second Coming?

In light of the current thoughts on "end times", my QA: Where does the Bible give the date for Jesus' Second Coming?" from November, 2018, is now available in Questions Answered.

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QA: What Does the Bible Say Abut "Self Identification"?

QUESTION: What does the Bible say about "self identification"? - April, 2019   

Answer: We keep hearing about people who “self-identify” ... The dictionary defines it as, “identification with someone or something outside oneself.” “Self-consciousness” is the awkward feeling that we do not feel comfortable with our surroundings, but we can adjust. “Self-identification” is the …

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QA: Does Grace Cancel Out All Sin?

QUESTION: Grace cancels out all sin, including wilful sin, right? - October, 2020

ANSWER: WRONG! God's grace does NOT cancel a person's sin NOR will it save on the Day of Judgment. Here's why: 1. Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. ... Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did. (Genesis 6:8, 22) ... 2. ... Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:1…

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QA: How Can We Remember the Crucifixion of Christ?

QUESTION: What Must Christians Do To Remember the Crucifixion of Christ? - August, 2020

ANSWER:  Simply, preach the Word  (2 Timothy 4:2).  Don't be distracted  (1 Corinthians 2:1-2). ... By following a man-made religious calendar, people have been turned away from that Cross. “Christmas” diverts attention to Jesus’ birth; “Lent” places the emphasis upon human denial; “Easter” skips the cr…

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QA: What Does the Bible Say About Jesus' Birth?

QUESTION: What does the Bible say about Jesus' birth? - December, 2018

ANSWER: There is a vast difference in what the Bible actually says, and what people have added as misrepresentations and human traditions! ... 1. God's son was born to a woman who did not believe in abortion. (Luke 1:35) ... 2. When Jesus' birth was first announced to shepherds (Luke 2:13-14) ... it did not mean there woul…

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