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All my websites' updates are featured in the Latest Content. This is featured on my Home page. View older posts by using the link at the bottom of the Latest Content column: http://www.johntpolkll.com/entries?page=1#post-65441  

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Words of Wisdom: Archive Available

I maintain a Words of Wisdom audio archive on my website. Click here to find all the one minute broadcasts from November 2014 onwards.

Similarly, the transcripts for all these programmes are available in Words of Wisdom Transcripts.

Please use the tags below as an Index for my content.

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Over 800,000 visits to my site! Thank you!

Please use my Contact page to send me questions, feedback or general comments about my website.

And thank you for making it 800,000+ visitors and counting.

Proverbs 8:12 - 21 - Why Listen To Reason, No. 4? Commentary #22

My commentary #22 on Proverbs 8:12 - 21Why Listen To Reason? No. 4, is available in Studies on the book of Proverbs in Commentaries.

Please use the tags below as an Index for my content.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your part in the 277, 770 "hits" on my website at: johntpolkll.com.

Years of Bible study is posted here, and it's gratifying to think it is of some use anywhere in the world.

Johnny Polk

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eReader Instructions: Now Available

For those who want to access PDF files on their eReader, click here if you need instructions.

Words of Wisdom: Transcripts Available

Transcripts from Words of Wisdom for the week of April 18th 2016 are now available on the  Transcripts page.

Please use the tags below as an Index for my content.

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Words of Wisdom: April 18 - 22, 2016

Please click here to find my audio minutes for Words of Wisdom for the week:

04/18/2016: Salvation and Worship

04/19/2016: Salvation and Prayer

04/20/2016: Salvation and Bible Faith

04/21/2016: Take It To the Streets

04/22/2016: No "Separation of Church and State"

Please use the …

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