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Publications on Roman Catholicism

I have consolidated some points regarding Roman Catholic doctrine in the following series of Outlines:

RCC1: An Origin In Apostate Idolatry    

RCC2: The Papacy and Peter    

RCC3: Confusion Over "Binding" and "Loosing"      

RCC3a: Confusion Over Who Is "The Rock"

RCC3b: Confusion Over the Primacy of Peter

RCC4: Confusion Over the Authority of the Pope   NEW

Here is a list of my articles, charts, sermon outlines/ slides, etc., that feature discussions on Roman Catholic beliefs.

The Debate Charts are taken from the Polk/ Sungenis Debate, which took place November 15 - 17, 2005:

Debate Charts: Articles:
Doctrine and Traditions UnchangedGod and the "Pope" Agree
Catholic Church Doctrinal Factory    REVISED Was Peter the First "Pope"?
How Did Paul Teach Acts 17:2-3 Where Was "Vatican Smoke" in the New Testament Church?
Magisterium Magic  Was Jesus Christ Beheaded?

Measuring Themselves By Themselves  2 Corinthians 10:12

Jesus Resigns As Head of the Church of Christ (That Is, If Roman Catholic Claims Are Right)
When Did The Scripture Become Living And Powerful? Catholic Confessional Predators   
Which Church Fathers Were Right? Jesus Is NOT the 'Reason for the Season'  
Does Sungenis Fit the Magisterium?        Acts 15: Peter's Council?  

For a full set of slides click here

"False Witness" Only Comes Through Evil   
For my debate notes on The Origins of the Papacy click here Jesus Christ Had Friends   
Sermons: QA: What About "Easter Holy Week"? - 4/2021         FEATURED
Has the Church of Christ Lost Its Head? QA: What Is a "Seder Service"? 
  QA: Didn't the Roman Catholic church determine what was in the Holy Bible?  - 6/6/2021  
  QA: Why can we not praise God with instruments from the Old Testament?