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Scattering the Shadows seminars available from Nathan Sexton

In light of the COVID impact on mental health, I prayerfully bring your attention to Nathan Sexton’s Scattering the Shadows seminars that could be excellent support for our brethren.


Nathan Sexton has begun a ministry to help Christians learn what the mental health issues are, and what each Christian may do to help deal with these issues, whether in our own families, the church, or personally. His insight, expertise, and knowledge are outstanding. And he uses appropriate Scriptures at suitable times throughout his presentations which show that these are not only modern problems.

He began here at Oneida, TN, and he is ready and quite able to be of service among Bible believers. We bid him "Godspeed" in this venture. 


Please pray for this work, and make a time for him to come for a seminar to suit your church family’s needs. Especially at this time, depression is but one of the "shadows" that need the light of the Word of God.



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