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QA: Why Does Anyone Need to Assemble?

QUESTION: If the church exists in homes, why does anyone need to assemble? - May 17, 2020 [Full answer is available in Publications On COVID Quarantine 2020]

ANSWER: Because Scripture teaches the need for assembling as saints. Our worship is NOT determined by the place, but by the action and attitude. Our word "worship" comes in two parts: 1. When Jesus quoted Isaiah 29:13 in Matthew 15:9, ... "worship" is a reverential attitude (sebomai) in our hearts. However another word translated "worship" (proskunew) refers to direct action(s) expressing that reverence. ... 2. Paul wrote to the "church of God which is at Corinth", whether or not they were assembled. He called attention to the need to assemble together when giving instructions about miraculous spiritual gifts     (1 Corinthians 14:23-26). ... Read More

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