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Intelligent Design in Creation

“The LORD looks down from heaven upon the children of men, To see if there are any who understand, who seek God” (Psalm 14:2).  “Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches” (Proverbs 24:3-4).  Every house shows the intelligent design by which it is built, kept up, and adorned.  Common sense demands that we see intelligence in every building around us.  “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God” (Hebrews 3:4).  It is the “the living God, who made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all things that are in them” (Acts 14:15) Who intelligently designed it.  It takes someone with uncommon ignorance to say   “there is no intelligent design in the Created World.” - Words of Wisdom, 9/12/2019

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