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The Holy Bible = 66 Books

"The Good Book" was Written by GOD, who inspired dozens of men, including kings, poets, prophets, historians, and Jesus' apostles.                 The 66 books that make up the Holy Bible were written across 1500 years of human history and remain consistent and unchanging since the last book was written in the 1st century AD.

Please find additional pages to support your Bible studies:

  • On Christian Evidences is a good place to find information for those starting with very little knowledge of the Holy Bible, or for those who want to study how to defend the faith to unbelievers.
  • The Bible & Evolution clarifies the Bible's writings that reference Creation in light of Evolution   

  • On Jesus Christ clarifies the Son of God and His life, teachings, and church; His key Sermon on the Mount is studied in detail  

  • What Is Sin? Tries to address the question of what things displease God   

  • Bible Books outlined provides an outline of the content of a Bible book

  • Church History outlines the global evidence of our brethren throughout the ages since Jesus' resurrection    

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Online Bible Sources:                                    

Because it is important to know what the Bible teaches, I provide a link to a Readable Bible so you can read the Bible for yourself. Several versions are available, but I recommend the New King James Version (NKJV) as being textually sound, accurately translated, and easily understood.           

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For those who need a durable, weatherproofwaterproof copy of the Bible, this can be bought from Bardin & Marsee.

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Additional Basic Charts from Donnie Barnes:

Please visit the website of the late Donnie Barnes for more excellent charts on Bible basics & God's plan for our salvation.

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