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Here I will publish my articles, tracts, etc., for download. All will be available in PDF, which means they can be downloaded onto an eReader such as Kindle or Nook for convenience:

Tracts contains my available tracts, either to download as PDF or to order in print form from me.

Bible Articles contains my work for brotherhood publications such as the Gospel Gleaner and the Fellowship Room.

On Christian Evidences provides support for those who are challenged by those who do not believe in the Holy nature of the Bible.

On COVID Quarantine 2020 provides Bible insights to the global chaos from a US citizen    NEW

On 'End Times' provides my charts, articles, and outlines that relate to Rapture or the 'End Times'/ 'Last Days' beliefs.

On Family provides my charts, articles, and outlines that relate to the family, marriage and parenting.

On Judaism provides my material, that relates to modern day Jewish practitioners.

On Roman Catholicism provides my charts, articles, and outlines that relate to Roman Catholic traditions.

Publications from Sellars Crain feature articles exclusively published online here. 

Publications from Guest Authors feature articles from others in the brotherhood, shared for your edification.   


Our website content is fully indexed and referenced by Bible book, key words, subject, and topic. Please use the search bar below to enter a  keyword, topic, subject or Bible Book.

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