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QA: What Does the Bible Say About "Easter Holy Week"?

QUESTION: What does the Bible say about "Easter Holy Week"?

ANSWER: Christians celebrated NO 'holy week' in the New Testament. Christians do NOT re-enact the last week of Jesus' life before the cross.

1. Jesus prophesied the events of His last week (Matthew 20:17-19). The Apostles and Christians "daily in the temple... did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus the Christ" (Acts 5:42), and w…

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Bible Content On Jesus Christ

In light of the holiday season, I have a page devoted to Bible Content on Jesus Christ.

Please use the tags below as an Index for my website content.

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No One Can Corner Jesus: Available

My article No One Can Corner Jesus is now available in Bible Content On Jesus Christ.

It is also available on my Bible Articles page. It first appeared in the Gospel Advocate in January, 2011.

Please use the tags below as an Index for my content.

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NEW Page Dedicated to Jesus Christ

Christian evidences is the study of evidences for Christianity; these evidences substantiate:

1. the existence of God; [God as Creator is highlighted in my page The Bible and Evolution]

2. the inspiration of the Bible [The Bible's inspiration and central messages are featured in my page Bible Basics]; and

3. the deity of Christ. My new page On Jesus Christ clarifies the Son of God a…

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