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Words of Wisdom Radio: February 28 - March 4, 2022 Available Now

My Words of Wisdom Radio are 1-minute radio lessons which are studies from the Bible for our current times. They are broadcast on www.wecoradio.com / FM 101.3 after the 12 noon news and after the 3pm news. Transcripts are available at Words of Wisdom Radio Transcripts, for lessons 2014 till now. This week’s lessons are:

    - 2/28    What God Still Requires  
    - 3/1      Signs of the End #1  
    - 3/2      Signs of the End #2  
    - 3/3      Signs of the End #3 
    - 3/4      The Throne of Christ

Older Words of Wisdom radio minutes are found in Words of Wisdom Archive.

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