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QA: If the Bible is God's Word, Why Are There Atheists?

QUESTION: If the Bible is the word of God, why are there so many atheists? - 7/28/2019   

ANSWER: There are two kinds of atheists: practical and doctrinal.

1. Practical atheism is described in Titus 1:15-16. Many people practice atheism, that is, they live their lives as though there is no God. They think they exist because of godless evolution; or they are totally in charge of their lives because of humanism, which is human pride elevated over anyone else; or they think their lives are completely hidden in darkness from God's view! They are "without excuse," "futile in their thoughts," and have "foolish hearts"  (Romans 1:20-23), and thus live in sin (Romans 1:24-25). ... Read More of this in The Bible and Evolution. It is also available in Questions Answered and Publications On Christian Evidences.

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