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Jesus Was a Commie?! A Reply to the Movie

My reply to "Jesus Was a Commie!" is now available in publications On Christian Evidences.

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Though we are very small in number (5) we are a strong congregation of believers who stand on the word of God only as truth. Personally, I have struggled with this particular issue and to date am trying to put together a sermon on this very subject. I want to thank you for some insight into this because I believe that there are many loving Christian's out there who don't know how to approach this properly. I guess the short version is that Jesus loves all sinners, which includes Christian's, but the difference being that Christian's are repentant sinners and those who have not accepted Christ have separated themselves from God and His love. And only God alone can judge a man's heart. We, on the other hand, must obey Jesus and love all men, not embracing their sinful ways, but showing care for them as people. In connection with that we must pray for all men that God would forgive them as He has forgiven us. Jesus did this upon the cross and Stephen did the same as he was being stoned for following "The Way". Jesus dined with sinners and reproved the Pharisees for their arrogance and disregard of His teachings. We can love a person by showing a general regard for their welfare while at the same time not embracing them with their sin. Every person is a soul to be saved and Jesus tells us that we must "go and make disciples of all men". If we judge by our own wisdom no one would be saved. When we realize God loves us, the sinner, then we too can love others as we should. Jesus tells us to "be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect". Whatever measure with which we judge others we ourselves will meet the same type of judgment. I hope that God will forgive me if I am not meeting His standard of measure in this and that He will guide me properly in the future as I study this subject more in-depth. Any more info on this subject would be helpful and appreciated very much. Thank you for your insight and I pray God continues to bless your congregation.