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Please Accept This Invitation to
Come and Hear Bible Lessons
April 7-10, 2019 from
Al Behel, Minister of the
Great Smoky Mountains church of Christ
With These Special Bible Studies Themed:
We Serve An Awesome God
 April 7 - Sunday:
  10 AM-Bible Study –
   “God’s New Way of Looking At Life”     
     Matthew 5:1-16
  11 AM Worship –
   “Upon This Rock”
     Matthew 16:13-20
  6 PM Worship - 
   “Who’s Your Father?”
 April 8
  7 PM Monday -
   “Will God Save America?” 
     2 Chronicles 7:14
 April 9
  7 PM Tuesday - 
   “If God Said It, He meant It” 
     2 Samuel 6:1-11
 April 10
  7 PM Wednesday –
   “On Earth As It Is In Heaven”
     Matthew 6:7-15
Everyone Will Be Welcomed!
The building of the Oneida church of Christ,
100 South Cross, Oneida, TN, has Nursery Facilities available.

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